Koi Pond #12

“Find your edge.” “Push your comfort zone.” “Think outside of the box.” As most of us readily acknowledge, growth is directly related to challenge, and this is as true for society as for the individual. And as most of us also acknowledge, artwork that stretches its culture’s prevailing limits significantly shapes society. The theme of this Koi Pond is therefore challenge. I invite each of you to push yourself past the edge of some pre-conceived boundary in your next piece of art. Maybe you will challenge your own ideas about form, or atmosphere, or genre; perhaps you will stretch a commonly held notion regarding race, or gender, or sexuality. Walk to the brink of the light – then walk a little further. Then, submit your iconoclasm to one of the following journals:

Paper Darts 

Riding Light Review

So to Speak Journal

The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society

Crab Fat Magazine


Bloom Literary Journal

Fwriction Review 

Pank Magazine

Temenos Journal


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