Koi Pond #14

In honor of Halloween, I decided to collect magazines that post literary horror stories. If you’re looking for something that will keep you up at night, or you’ve written something that you think would traumatize the ordinary publisher, then check out the magazines below.

Fiddleblack – This electronic journal specializes in stories that focus on self, place, and the horror that lies between them.

Phobos Magazine – This magazine specializes in literary pulp-fiction and the macabre.

The Dark Magazine – This is a quarterly electronic publication. As the name suggests, it publishes genre fiction with a chilling yet subtle tone.

Mythic Delirium – An online publication that specializes in horror, science-fiction, and fantasy. It prefers stories which are cross-genre and/or cross-cultural.

The Three-Lobed Burning Eye – This magazine prefers speculative fiction written in an original voice. It has an explicit commitment to diversity in terms of both authors and characters.

Black Treacle – This is an electronic magazine that focuses on giving new genre writers a chance to display their work. Since it is based in Canada, it gives preference to Canadian writers.

Lamplight Magazine – A quarterly publication that publishes fiction in the vein of “The Twilight Zone”.

The WiFiles – This online magazine publishes a speculative fiction piece once a week.

Roar and Thunder – An online publication that posts speculative fiction three times a month. Though it is based in Australia, it does not have any stated preference for local authors.

Apex Magazine – This online magazine publishes dark speculative fiction once a month. It accepts short fiction, flash fiction, and poetry.

Ibexian – This is a quarterly magazine that publishes exclusively in the horror genre. It provides a platform for unpublished and emerging writers.

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