Koi Pond #16

For Koi Pond #16, we present to you eleven more gems from the world of online journals.

Storysouth – A journal with a commitment to showcasing new writers who discuss the “New South” in their writing. The site defines “New South” as a modern mix of the traditional understanding of the southern United States that informs its present.

Storyglossia – A great archive of stories with an easily searchable index. There is tons of work here.

Linebreak – An online journal with a clean, legible design. It features exclusively poetry. The website has recordings of people reading the text alongside the text itself.

Carve Magazine – This magazine has a commitment to helping young writers develop their abilities. It looks for “concise and generous fiction” of high standard. The entire catalogue since 2007 is available for free because of Carve’s commitment in keeping stories accessible.

Octopus – This magazine is a little bit stranger on the interface side of things. It features poetry, interviews, and archival reviews of “Recovered Work”. It displays many female writers.

DrunkenBoat – It publishes art, fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and reviews. It’s not afraid of sound art either. The pieces tend to be short; it’s easy to read a few at a time.

H_NGM_N – This journal publishes exclusively poetry. It features experimental poetry at times.

Failbetter – This journal takes this S. Beckett quote as its motto:  “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” The journal publishes poems and stories.

Strange Horizons – This weekly journal publishes poetry, fiction, art, reviews, and news. It places particular focus on speculative fiction.

Clarkesworld – This journal features only Hugo Award-winning science-fiction and fantasy. It is committed to publishing the very best work in the genre.

Zampano – An international comics publisher available in multiple languages.

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