DuEwa Frazier


Solitary inside a temporary space
Signal devoid race
Soulless disguise play
Sense not since yesterday
Sacred upon shuffling
Silent chatter interrupting
Syncopate releasing rumble
Subtleties angering survival

Tower below disappointment
Wishful intertwined current
Mad pushing the ground
Always skipping never found
Frequency grazing dysfunction
Merge smooth disruption
Existence surrounding memory
Between granite apathy

Within brown eyes
Beside benevolent birthing
Parallel black hearts


Go to the ocean. Fill a gallon container with salt water. Do not go too far in.
Yemaya will surely take you.
Take a sea salt, lavender & rose oil bath when sad or depressed.
Wash the floors with ammonia, Florida water and cinnamon. It brings sweetness.
Sleep with a cup of water next to your bed. Put a dash of salt in it to catch bad spirits.
Tell the ancestors what’s troubling you. Give them fruit, candy and cigars.
Light a white candle between the hours of 12 midnight & 6am.
If you’re confused & at a crossroads, give Esu candy & a long stick.
If you need money, love, or a new job, light a yellow candle. Recite prayers.
Give money to Osun.
Wear rose quartz for self-love. Visualize your heart chakra surrounded by light.
Sage yourself. Clear negative vibes.
Do not gossip. Do not become overly emotional.
Keep clean – body, mind and spirit.
Read the Scriptures daily. Psalm 23, 27, and 91.
Remember the patterns of your past. Don’t make the same mistakes.
Be happy. Angels like a party.

DuEwa Frazier is a writer, educator and award nominated poet. She was born in Brooklyn and raised in St. Louis. She is the author of several books of poetry including Goddess Under the Bridge: Poems. Her poetry has been published in Split This Rock, Tidal Basin Review, Reverie, Kweli Journal, Poetry In Performance and others. She earned the MFA degree in Creative Writing at The New School. Visit her website at duewaworld.

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