Dan Magers


Everything that’s nothing now is warm.

The described effigy is elegy
moments ago arcane, in shades of A.;
a rarity that immolates to please.

[Plans call for drinks with Kellsee after work,
but home from it, he ate Chinese rice
and napped two hours about his teenage room
surrounded again by VHS]
                                                       I tried
to say that we are heat and energy,
charm and agony, full in bloom—

it’s seven o’clock and where the fuck are you?

Craig Discusses On-Screen Transformations,
His On-Again with Annie, and How Doing
Your Laundry is Sometimes the Best Escape.




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Dan Magers is co-founder and editor of Sink Review (sinkreview.org), an online poetry magazine, as well as the publisher of the chapbook press Immaculate Disciples Press. He has had poems published or forthcoming in Sixth Finch, the tiny, Red China Magazine, and Thirteen Myna Birds. Currently, he works at a publishing company on professional engineering books.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY.






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