Kim Kyung Ju

In 2003 Kim Kyung Ju’s literary debut won the Seoul Newspaper Spring Literary Contest for Poetry, then for several years he wrote pornographic novels and provided services as a ghost writer. Later he released his first collection of poems, I Am A Season That Does Not Exist. Already in its 30th edition, rarely in fine literature has a book achieved such enormous popularity in Korea. Critics have said “he is a blessing and curse to Korean literature” and “this is the most important poetry book written by a Korean”. After such notable attention by critics, he has been seen as the progenitor of the Korean new-wave movement known as “Miraepa” (future movement). In addition to poetry, he works in a multitude of literary genres, most notably in the avant-garde theatre and in dramaturgy. Presently he runs the studio Flying Airport, where he directs and organizes various independent cultural projects that are concerned hybrid works of music, theatre, performance and literature.

Jake Levine edits poetry at Spork press and is pursuing a Phd in comparative literature at Seoul National University as a KGSP fellow. His poetry and translations have appeared most recently or are forthcoming in Guernica, Boston Review, Similar Peaks, Fairy Tale Review, The Asian Literary Review, The Literary Review and others. His first chapbook, The Threshold of Erasure was released by Spork in 2010. His second chapbook, Vilna Dybbuk will be in the new issue of Country Music. He was awarded a Fulbright fellowship in 2010 to Lithuania, but even then his home was Tucson.

Jung Hi-Yeon is a doctoral candidate at Sejong University and works as a freelance translator.