Welcome to 195, Eleven Eleven’s magazine within a magazine.

Some of the problems with publishing work in a biannual is a) waiting six months for the next issue to come out; b) work that is published gets locked into the context of the issue in which that work appears; and c) once the next issue is published, everything published in the previous issue falls into the past.

195 is our attempt to fix that.  Every other week, staff from Eleven Eleven will make a selection of writing and art previously featured in past issues of Eleven Eleven, along with a short curatorial note, and post the results in this space.  We hope 195 will encourage you to look deeper into our site and discover not just what’s great in issue 12, but in issues 6,8, and 10 too.  As we secure the rights and make scans, we’ll also throw work from issues 1-4 into the mix.

And the name?  Well, Eleven Eleven is named after the San Francisco address of California College of the Arts, which is located in what used to be a former Greyhound bus repair terminal.  When Eleven Eleven was founded, CCA’s MFA Writing program was housed there, but not long after we moved around the corner to a former Asian art gallery called Orientations.  The address: 195 De Haro.  So now you know.  And you can guess why our floating links page is called the Koi Pond.


  • 195 #6

    We are just a few weeks away from launching Issue 14 of our online journal, and with that in mind I think it is essential to look back on former content that has helped shape Eleven Eleven. Revisiting past issues made me feel as If I were on a treasure hunt, uncovering hidden gems in […]

    195 #5

    For this issue of 195, I will like to give a ‘nudge and a hat off’ to the experimental writing that we have published in our recent issues. Eleven Eleven publishes a variety of pieces that take different approaches to writing. This is one of my favorite aspects of Eleven Eleven–the pleasantly surprising style of […]

    195 #4

    For this installation of 195, I thought I’d point our readers toward one of my favorite aspects of Eleven Eleven: our inclusion of translated works. Reading literary translation not only enriches us as readers, but as citizens of the world, giving the gift of access to rich cultural and literary histories of people and places that may […]

    195 #3

    In this edition, I wish to share with you how I experience literature. I don’t just read it; I consume it. Thus, I have prepared a menu for you. Please note that these pieces are best savored slowly. Let the tastes melt into your mind. Today’s flight of 195 features four varietals of fiction, with […]

    195 #2

    When I first began putting together my issue of 195, I wasn’t sure where to start. Should I already have a theme in mind before I begin reading? Should I start with the art and work my way into the literary after finding a visual launch pad to guide me? In the end, I took […]

    195 #1

    I kept getting lost trying to select pieces for this, our first issue of 195. Initially I started with  a theme.  But each time I’d begin reading one of our back issues, I’d always wind up looking at a piece and go, “wow, that’s a great piece of writing.  Too bad it doesn’t fit into […]