195 #3

In this edition, I wish to share with you how I experience literature. I don’t just read it; I consume it. Thus, I have prepared a menu for you. Please note that these pieces are best savored slowly. Let the tastes melt into your mind.

Today’s flight of 195 features four varietals of fiction, with distinct cultural undertones.

We begin with “The Lyrica Cantos IV-VII” by Michael Filas — a smoky selection from our most recent on-line Issue: 12. Crushed under a consumer mentality that seeps even into the pharmaceutical realm, we find a soul clinging to others’ pain just to feel. A peculiar quirk of modern culture bubbles to the surface. Even healthy bodies appear defective when paired against the constant stream of the ill and cured.

Next, from Issue 10, we feature “On Awe” by Alexander Long. Full of the character grown in the alkaline air of the Hudson, this flash of flavor captures a pointed sensation that does not seek to over-analyze. It merely needs to be experienced for what it is. And it is good.

Moving along, Issue 8 gives offers the full bodied selection “Rat Stories” by Jamey Genna. On the most basic level, it tackles a pest problem in a suburban home. Yet, with each freshly squeezed rat killed on it’s from escape urban sprawl, a haunting narrative forms around the imprint that generations leave on the spaces they used to inhabit. The dark humor rounds out this story with a clean finish.

To cleanse the palate, we leave you with the work of Alain de Botton entitled “The Discreet Charm of the Zürich Bourgeoisie,” originally published in Issue 6. Botton writes, “as mother tends to tell you near the end of the school holidays, it’s mostly boring people who get bored.” This note is flavored with a subtle crispness that characterizes the content of the entire piece. Like the warm sensation after a clean glass of white wine, this work will leave you with an appreciation for the reserved and humble.


Scroll down to here for the juicy bits!  Really though, try some.  I think you’ll like it.

“The Lyrica Cantos IV-VII” by Michael Filas

“On Awe” by Alexander Long

“Rat Stories” by Jamey Genna

“The Discreet Charm of the Zürich Bourgeoisie” by”Alain de Botton


Candace Elise Hoes, Managing Editor Issue14

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