Koi Pond # 7

Some would argue the cyberflâneur is dead—that no one truly surfs the internet anymore. With the task of research at hand, and one well-intentioned, but misguided click of the mouse, hours pass as I slip from one website to the next. However, it is not always as unproductive as it sounds! For in between the distractions of iTunes, YouTube, and the endless stream of emails, I have stumbled upon on a few—eleven—gems.  A mixture of literary journals and art magazines, these links offer a unique combination of interactive media, prose and poetry, book reviews and visual art. I invite you to take a stroll…

Erica Gomez

Art Editor


The Prompt Literary Journal
Born Magazine
Short, Fast, and Deadly
Camera Obscura
 At Length
Gertrude Press
The [Un]Observed
Beautiful Decay
3:AM Magazine

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