Judith Roitman

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 1]

not body but mask
not mask but membrane
not membrane but seamless
deceiving touch
hand plunged as if there

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 2]

dream other universe
piercing through
not supposed accident
not supposed touch
dream how else
absorb prepare
dream solid
object dream

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 3]

another form energy touch coalesce shock coalesce together planet coalesce assume parallel form not form coalesce severed counterfeit appearance coalesce severed cannot severed coalesce cannot

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 4]

projection control
while elsewhere floating
or hands
control bar vertical
horizontal paddle control
pivots to allow
elsewhere select
opposite pull
bar and nuance attach

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 5]

information sent lasers
interpret across need
device two devices
send receive what sent
collapses what received

[alternative theory of the nature of aliens 6]

traveling in channel
manifest waveform
boundary angle

I’ve been working on a series of poems centered on the 1947 events that took place in New Mexico near Roswell which either involved a crashed alien craft (or two), or downed top secret balloons designed to detect Russian nuclear test explosions. The poems submitted here look at hypotheses about what the aliens
might be.

Judith Roitman lives in Lawrence KS. Semi-recently (going back to 2012) her poems have appeared in Eleven Eleven, Otoliths, Horse Less Press, Talisman, YEW, and her semi-recent chapbooks include Slackline (Hank’s Loose Gravel Press), Furnace Mountain Poems(Omerta) Ku: a thumb book (Airfoil Press), and
Two: ghazals (Horse Less Press).

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