Issue 14







We’d like to thank Ryan Buresh, Sam Cavedon, Erica Gomez, Lisa Hayes, Vanessa Kauffman, Susan L. Lin and Tanika Thacker,Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, Mary Behm-Steinberg, Melissa Bernabei and Gallery Wendi Norris, Shanna Compton and Bloof Books, Gavin Grant and Small Beer Press, Johanna Ingalls and Akashic Books, Kitty McKay Lewis and Brick Books, Stacey Lewis and City Lights, Jasmine Moorhead and Krowswork Gallery, David Morini, Rusty Morrison and Omnidawn Publishing, Aimee Phan, Rachel Schreiber and Jeff Von Ward for their assistance, advice and support in producing this issue.