Tiff Dressen


              I came to harvest
                                           light    to screen
                                                          an unknown,     I came to give in
                                           (once and finally)  to the scale
                                                                         at which one
                                                                                        becomes invisible
                      within which I am at home
                                           within which I understand the desire
                      of each part          I burn a path into
                                                      and at last approach
                                                                                        slowly the oceans’
                                                                                             lost speech

                      (I came to hear the thousands
                                           who signify the future)


                                     (they who will shed

                                                      their dead)

                                                      for their brother-word-dust

                                                      (their shelter)

                                                          sister-ore island filled

                                                      a solar substance threaded

                                                                  through them

                                                      (wherever they went)

                                                      the water diviners found ice

                                                      like glass it was glacial shining


                   au    aurum     aura

                   gold     chromium     cesium

                   gallium    if I cannot touch

                   the elemental

                   world I cannot think

                   there is no “cloister closing around

                   a blossom of”    anything,

                   there is silence however there is

                   whenever you are speaking

                   with another         silence is the third

                   and that is me

                   I have a skill for insisting upon

                   how earth-abundant you are

                   call it a solar

                   affliction,     everything became

                   suspect then, equally poly-syllabic

                   before,       it was simple and beautiful to say

                  it came from the stars

Tiff Dressen’s life long goal is the synchronization of her left and right brain. If she had another life to live, she’d spend it as a peripatetic. She’s currently reading The New Industrial Revolution by Peter Marsh and, as a consequence, is having dreams that a 3D printer has given birth to her.