Togara Muzanenhamo


Where dolphins congregate
darkness journeys in the wake of folktales – we were making history
               deep within each breath,
                              our names loosing light,
                                              the rocks almost forgotten.



So come
               with the scent of another woman,
your grace contrived by the music of memory –
your face contorted with desire.
Now and then the night needs nothing from us
               till the pale dome of love
                               opens its silent augury,
                                              spilling fruit in the ear’s heart,
unfolding each note, dismantling flight
               till history lies tense on a sense of stairs,
                               our lives burning on stone.

Togara Muzanenhamo was born in Lusaka, Zambia to Zimbabwean parents. He was raised on his family farm thirty miles south of Harare, and educated in France and the Netherlands. He has worked as a journalist, film script editor and copywriter. His first collection of poems, Spirit Brides, was published by Carcanet Press.