Issue 18 – Table of Contents

Three Burmese Writers

Han Lynn – The Bird Watcher, When I Perfume Myself & Helicopter (Translated by Ko Ko Thett)
Khat Thi – At the Moment & Yangon (Translated by Ko Ko Thett)
Thi Mar Win – Moonlit Night – 9 (Translated by Kenneth Wong)

The Council eveskylar
Eve Skylar

Section #1

Joseph Harrington – [nothing lies still]
He Qifang – Magic Grass (Translated from the Chinese by Canaan Morse)
Elena Guro – Poems and Visual Work (Translated from the Russian by Alex Cigale)
Leanna Petronella – The Fire Ants & On Marriage and Child
Amaris Ketcham – Wintering Habits of the White American Male, Age 34
Sarah de Leeuw – Debris Flow, Snohomish County Washington & Denver International Airport, April
Rodney Koeneke – Apology to Pasternak, Field Guide to Husbands, & Psalmish
Marci Daniels – Don’t Touch the Floor, Don’t Pee in the Shower, and Hide Your Blood
María Teresa Ogliastri – Five Poems from The Diary of Madame Mao (Translated from the Spanish by Yvette Neisser Moreno & Patricia Bejarano Fisher)

The years fell and grew into vines (791x1024)Michelle Kingdom

Section #2

The Katha Upanishad (Translated from the Sanskrit by Thomas Meyer)
Zack Haber – from The Echoes
Phillip Sterling – Unspeakable Crime
Lauren Camp – The Full Limit & Hush — First
Eduardo Milán – Now that we’re nothing, for example & It could be a bird as long as it’s real (Translated from the Spanish by John Oliver Simon)
Anna Akmatova – Ah, but I am warning you (Translated from the Russian by Meryl Natchez)
John Tranter – The Parkas
Julie Littman – Lost in the System
Cortney Lamar Charleston – Ghazal for the Bathing Ape
Anna Joy Springer – Let In Light
Amanda Chiado – Bimbo Church & Michael and Elizabeth

andrew_Schoultz_the_sacred_tree_of_no_whereAndrew Schoultz

Section #3

Steve McCaffery – Excerpt from Alice in Plunderland (Chapter 1: Down the Man-Hole)
Richard Kraft – Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera
Raina J. León – [“let us call the place nevaeh”] & [“i am the spent apple”]
Publius Ovidius Naso – Ganymede’s Rise (Translated from the Latin by Sugar le Fae)
Gaius Valerius Catullus – Three Poems (Translated from the Latin by Sugar le Fae)
Stephanie Han – No Bridge is There, A Water Buffalo, Coming Home, Lantau, The Story of Buffalo Girl: Cherie Meling Baker (1994-2014) & Cherie Meling Baker’s Work
Cleberton Santos – Childhood, Minotaur & Insolubility (Translated from the Portuguese by Tiffany Higgins)
J.T. Townley – Woody Allen’s Glasses
Jai Arun Ravine – The White Elephant Ride
Barbara Jane Reyes – To Fear Losing Oneself
Tsitsi Jaji – Blunt Balm

rina_banerjee_like_honorable copyRina Banerjee

Section #4

Charles Israel, Jr. – Nobody Else Knows
Lourdes Figueroa – Visible Quiver I-III
Judy Juanita – Life is a Carousel
Minoru Yoshioka – Still Life, A World & Tree (Translated from the Japanese by Eric Selland)
Goldberry Long – Excerpt from The Kingdom of No
Katy Bohinc – from Dear Alain, Pages 48-53 out of 222
Hazel Newlevant – A Visit from the Gringa
Maureen Seaton and Samuel Ace – A List of Undecidable Problems
Natalia Rubanova – Litvinov (Translated from the Russian by Terry Myers)
Jean Sénac – First Iliac Poem (Translated from the French by Yolande Schutter)
Suzanne Barnecut – I’m Trying to Tell You

united states#1.56x46Lordy Rodriguez

Section #5

Melissa Sipin – The Childhood Field & Small but Terrible
Melissa Studdard – A Spur in the Ribs of My Love-Colored Map
Evan Lavender-Smith – Syllogism
Diana McCaulay – The Madman Of South Avenue
Curtis L. Crisler – Fade
Rafael Cortoisie – Music for the Deaf (Translated from the Spanish by Anna Rosenwong)
Michelle Cruz Gonzales – La Hamburguesa
Tomas Moniz – Collaboration & Resilience
Dylan Bolles – Composing Human/Nature
Jason Magabo Perez – On/For Solitude: Letter to my Nephew
George Elliot Clarke – Memorial Regarding the Demise of General Leclerc
Shane Book – The Rio Communiqué

crystal_lui_the_stars_a_waveCrystal Liu

Section #6

Ron Dahan – And time is not an issue, Tokyo injects me like heroin & And on the seventh day – (Translated from Hebrew by Yardenne Greenspan)
Michael Deagler – Shackamaxon
Kristi Moos – Watching Jupiter from Lodi Lake
Kate Colby and Todd Shalom – Vents
MK Chavez – Cut From the Same Cloth, A Sterling Elegy & Ode to the “News” of the Day
Susan Mosakowski – Opium, an excerpt
Harmony Neal – Simulacra
Peyton Prater – Materials. & The Tiniest Thing to Recover
Katie Jean Shinkle – Polaroid of The Cross in the Woods & Polaroid of a Sanatorium, Twice-Removed
Sterling Watson – Excerpt from Suitcase City

Cocktailtime2Monica Milstead

Two Variations on James Joyce

Chaulky White – from ‘SSES” ‘SSES” “SSEY’ 4: Metempsychosis (CAlypso)
Christian Hite – Rub It Out: (En)countering Rubbish in James Joyce’s “An Encounter”

Reviews and Interviews

Tomboy, by Liz Prince
Lungs Full of Noise, by Tessa Mellas
Her Human Costume, by Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Videotape, by Andrew Zawacki
Interview with Hazel Newlevant


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