Issue 20 – Table of Contents

Four Burmese Writers

Ko Ywae – Do Not Take Your Eyes Off Yangon (translated by Kenneth Wong)
Thway (Sagaing) – The Poem I Wrote Today (translated by Kenneth Wong)
Myat – My Knife (translated by Kenneth Wong)
Min Htet Maung – Three Hidden Poems (translated by Kenneth Wong)

Section #1

Obari Gomba – Gun Policy
Min Kang – My Body Hair in the Racial Imaginary & Lacemaking
Ali Bader – A Pint of Guinness for Hanna the Sailor (Translated from the Arabic by Yasmeen Hanoosh)
Daniel Suarez – He Did: On a Photograph Found After Being Sober for Two Years Written Five Years Later & [    ]
Yang Huang – from Oasis
Johanna Hedva – Euripides Is Not a Genius. I Am.
Nico Peck – Memory & Letter
Mona Zutshi Opubor – An Autodidact’s Guide to Sex-Ed
Danielle Mitchell – Merriam Webster Defines a Slut, Interview Questions, Revenge, & Why I Chose to No Longer Wear Leggings
Janice Lobo Sapigao – Uncle Lalo & Next Words
Malcolm Sutton – from Job Shadowing
t’ai freedom ford – root of all Eves, The Rebirth or HeyGirlHey, this poem is called Beyoncé is a white woman & i know you are but what am i?
Amahl Khouri – from She He Me

Section #2

Joseph Aguilar – Rock and Paper
Judith Roitman – [alternative theories of the nature of aliens]
Ramanath Roy – Urmi (Translated from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha)
Aja Couchois Duncan – A New Order Of
Mark Axelrod – Mozart’s Café
Yuan Changming – [you have a dream], [green irony], [y] & [thirty-nine word idioms]
Jenny Ferguson – Intersection(s)
DuEwa Frazier – Submerged & Ritual
Michael Naydan – The Seer of Spectres
Del Ray Cross – MMCDXXXIV: I thought you said this was the wrong Planet
Heidi Czerwiec – from Sweet/Crude: A Bakken Boom Cycle
erica lewis – help the roses
Ya Shi – Rock Moths & Untitled (Translated from the Chinese by Nick Admussen)
Alexander Ulanov – [There Once Lived a Man] (Translated from the Russian by Alex Cigale)

Section #3

Justin Phillip Reed – Retrograde & Untitled (We Aint Even Posed To Be Here)
Nabarun Bhattacharya – The Gift of Death (Translated from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha)
Timendu Aghahowa – Origins
Chris Stroffolino – Sonnet 58: [You Could Argue], Sonnet 51: Romneycare, Sonnet 33: The New Oakland, & Sonnet 28 [Some homeless people]
Keenan Norris – from San Suerte
Tina Escaja – Mare Tranquilitatis & Spacesickness (Translated from the Spanish by Kristin Dykstra)
Bonnie Stufflebeam – Feeding the Skeleton Cats & Tornado Season
Gary L. McDowell – What is Found There: On Beauty
Albert Abonado – We Are Just Waiting for the Right Kind of Existentialism, Harold
Michael Berger – Postulates of the Night & The Elevator
Wanda Praamsma – aversions, rerouted & outing
Feliz Lucia Molina – Lemons
Yukio Mishima – You Should Slurp Your Soup (Translated from the Japanese by Nathaniel Bond)

Jacek Frączak — A Portrait of the Artist as a Dying Man:
Remembering the Late Alfons Karny, Polish Sculptor-Portraitist


She of the Mountains, by Vivek Shraya
An Army of Lovers, by Juliana Spahr and David Buuck
David Foster Wallace Ruined My Suicide, by D.D. Miller
Prelude to Bruise, by Saeed Jones


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