Issue 22 – Table of Contents

Four Burmese Writers

Zaw Htein – About a Bird on an Idle Day (Translated by Kenneth Wong)
Nge Nge (Kyauk Sae) – Plain Summer (Translated by Kenneth Wong)
Pandora – Put a Glass Triangle under the Sunlight (Translated by Kenneth Wong)
Shin Dewi – Fable (Translated by Kenneth Wong)

Section #1

Jean Cocteau – The Skater, Hopscotch, The French Language, Vienna, The Roman
Coachman, & We Really Should Enjoy Ourselves a Little (Translated by
Mary-Sherman Willis)

Jennifer Lewis – Holy Communion
Anne Champion – Woman Knight of Mirror Lake & For Meena Kamal
Shakir Noori – The Balcony & A Sensitive Mule (Translated by William Hutchins)
Shelley Wong – Early Summer
RJ Equality – Symmetry is something you have to practice & I am not a cactus
Jerome Joseph Gentes – OR: or, The Play of Light
Evelina Zuni Lucero — Darkness My Old Friend
Ander Monson – 10 Things a Customer Wants / Category Error After Spam
Traci Brimhall – Abecedarian for the Months Apart, Though I’m Still Not Sorry I Left
Alex K. Hughes – Her Story & Collared

Section #2

Wall Poems Written by Chinese Immigrants Detained at the Angel Island Immigration
Station between 1910 and 1940 (Translated by Jeffrey Thomas Leong)

Patricia Smith – Incendiary Art: Tulsa, 1921 & Blurred Quotient and Theory
Emily Kiernan – Herb Lore, Apprehensions, At The Trinity Atomic Test
Noorulain Noor – Brown, Residue, & Vocabulary of Immigration
Joe Baumann – Gethsemane
Bryce Berkowitz – In the Hive, Again
Chad Koch – Diversity Training
Lina Ferreira – Aurelia
Tongo Eisen-Martin – Cut a Hand From a Hand
Lisa Gordon – That Girl You Know
Rossana Campo – In Which I Tell You About My Famous First Loves (Translated by
Michela Martini and Elizabeth McKenzie)

Scherezade Siobhan – Untitled [i tire of my teeth]
Ben Loory – The Madman
Anne Lesley Selcer – Kill the sun

Section #3

Mina Zohal – Macrorayan, Kabul. April. 2:30 AM/ Notes
Amanda Chiado – Armor & Deliverance
Aimee Suzara – Where are YOU from?
Kharla M. Brillo – I Lose Blood. I Lose You.
Claire Ibarra – Desert Spirits
Emji Spero – A Retching
Janine Mogannam – Little Wings
Darlin’ Neal – Holly Springs
Tiana Clark – After Agon & In the Middle of Things
Daniel Riddle Rodriguez – Square on the Blade
Carolin Callies – Tweeting is a Tiny Beast & A Battlefield of Legs (Translated by
Paul-Henri Campbell)

Camilla Grudova – The Sad Tale of the Sconce

Section #4

James Cagney – Walk of Shame; The Boy Who Made My Sandwich Had a Black Eye;
& Before My Friend’s Wedding Reception, I Stand Facing the Ocean

Craig Cotter – Dandelions
Vladimir Gandelsman – “The Snow Must Fly…” & Stills (Translated by Olga Livshin
and Andrew Janco)

Lyndsey Ellis – Variety and Illusion
Sophia Valera Heinecke – Joe in the Park
mai cortez doan – blue, our throat, & Erasure
Noa Sivan – Semantic Satiation, Avocado, Green Dress, You Can’t Tell, The Voice of a
Generation, The Extinction of the Hymen, Don’t Worry About It, A Girl’s Thing,
Voodoo, Dolphins, Garbage Juice, Biological Clock, Only Look, Disadvantage,
The Luxury of Old Jews, & Genitals (Translated by Yardenne Greenspan)

Barbara Browning – The Gift
Molly Raynor – my middle name is Always & no weapons but my d r e a m s
Kelly Magee – Origin Story
Heather June Gibbons – Room & You Must Practice Forgetting Until It Is a Science
Mikhail Eremin – Five Poems (Translated by Alex Cigale)
Paul Willems – Afterwards & Legend (Translated by Edward Gauvin)

Reviews and Interviews

Interview with Paul-Henri Campbell
Fire Sign, by Katherine Osborne
Not a Self Help Book: The Misadventures of Marty Wu, by Yi Shun Lai
Explosion Rocks Springfield, by Rodrigo Toscano
Black Lavender Milk, by Angel Dominguez
Split the Crow, by Sarah Sousa


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