Koi Pond: A Bi-Weekly List of Links

When we first launched web issues of Eleven Eleven in 2008, we had a page called links, as was customary.  A page to show all the other cool and shiny journals we liked and that we hoped would link back to us.  And for four years that section stayed blank, not because we didn’t like or want to link to other journals, but because of the nature of how our site was built made updating a links page challenging.  If you notice however, clicking on the links of various links pages at other sites, that there’s often a number of dead links, or broken links.  IE someone must have set up the links page and never got around to the often tedious task of updating all those pesky links.

So when we decided to re-do our website, we thought a lot about what to do with our never used links page.  We decided we wanted a page of links that would update regularly, that would highlight new journals, new issues, art and other stuff we find interesting and want to pass along to our readers.  Every other week or so, we’ll post eleven links, with perhaps a bit of commentary on our choices.

Why call it Koi Pond?  Well, if you come and visit us at 195 De Haro St. in San Francisco, you can come and see for yourself!

  • Koi Pond #16

    For Koi Pond #16, we present to you eleven more gems from the world of online journals. Storysouth – A journal with a commitment to showcasing new writers who discuss the “New South” in their writing. The site defines “New South” as a modern mix of the traditional understanding of the southern United States that […]

    Koi Pond #15

    The publishing of fabulism, magical realism, and literary speculative fiction can be a struggle. It falls between the easily published worlds of fantasy and science fiction and the somewhat more difficult venues in the more academic literary world. These online publications are welcoming venues to all. Web Conjunctions Swamp Biscuits and Tea Strange Horizons Margin […]

    Koi Pond #14

    In honor of Halloween, I decided to collect magazines that post literary horror stories. If you’re looking for something that will keep you up at night, or you’ve written something that you think would traumatize the ordinary publisher, then check out the magazines below. Fiddleblack – This electronic journal specializes in stories that focus on […]

    Koi Pond #13

    I chose to focus my Koi Pond on online university publications. I found a barrage of excellent and interesting work, but these eleven stuck out to me with their elegance in both publication and style. They are all beautifully designed and feature an array of different artists, and so I want to draw attention to […]

    Koi Pond #12

    “Find your edge.” “Push your comfort zone.” “Think outside of the box.” As most of us readily acknowledge, growth is directly related to challenge, and this is as true for society as for the individual. And as most of us also acknowledge, artwork that stretches its culture’s prevailing limits significantly shapes society. The theme of […]

    Koi Pond #11

    The imagination is wild, always at work, and hungry for more: and each of these online literary journals exhibits work that illustrates this challenge in beautiful ways. The surreal is always begging for our attention, and our dreams often create a map for writing; thus, we should explore how art and poetry can communicate those […]

    Koi Pond #10

    For Koi Pond #10, we present to you a miscellany of literary gems for your reading pleasure. Broken Pencil – Reviews small literary magazines, fiction, comics, news for artists, and a dose of philosophy. Carve Magazine – Named for author Raymond Carver. Carve specializes in literary fiction and attempts to give feedback on every work submitted, whether selected for […]

    Koi Pond #9

    Those who read succeed! At the same time though, what the eye pays attention to determines the outcome and outpour of one’s soul. To put the two together successfully then, you need to have an eye for good reads. And just in case you don’t, we’ve got ours open for you. The following is a […]

    Koi Pond #8

    Over a year has passed since I wrote my first Koi Pond blog post. During that time, a lot has changed. Last fall, I had the opportunity to help design the website for a literary journal’s new online issue, after which I coded nearly the whole thing from scratch with only minimal previous web experience […]

    Koi Pond # 7

    Some would argue the cyberflâneur is dead—that no one truly surfs the internet anymore. With the task of research at hand, and one well-intentioned, but misguided click of the mouse, hours pass as I slip from one website to the next. However, it is not always as unproductive as it sounds! For in between the […]